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* Basic fill-in ACORD forms cost $99 per agency location, per year. This includes all 750+ fill-in ACORD forms. "Bronze", "Silver" and "Gold" are priced per user. "Self-Serve Certificates" is priced at a flat $300 per year (for an unlimited number of Certificates), however, it does require that at least one agency user be subscribed to the "Bronze" level or higher. This is because all Self-Served Certificates are automatically saved to a Contact record for later review.

Self serve Certificates allows your insureds to obtain an unlimited number of signed Certificates of Insurance '24/7/365' by logging into A copy of each self issued Certificate is automatically saved to your Agency's saved forms list for review. To offer Self serve Certificates to your insureds at least one agency user must be subscribed to "Bronze".

Self-Serve Certificates

Save time by allowing your insureds/clients to self-serve Certificates. Ask us about this new option.

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Add Signatures

Scanned signatures can now be added to ACORD Forms, allowing users to submit forms directly from Agency Anywhere without requiring that a producer sign the forms by hand.

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