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What are ACORD forms?
ACORD forms are standardized forms used by insurance agents and insurance companies throughout the United States. ACORD form standards are set and maintained by ACORD.

What is Choices Software?
Choices adds value to ACORD forms by allowing the forms to be easily filled, saved, duplicated, retrieved, sorted, combined, signed, printed, and emailed.


Basic Fill
Basic Fill includes 850+ fill-in ACORD forms. Both ACORD form and data can be saved using the free Adobe Reader software. The resulting file can be emailed.

Quick & Easy Certificates™
Quick & Easy Certificates™ is a new application for filling in and issuing Certificates of Insurance. It can be used on both Windows desktops and the iPhone. Think of it as a deck of cards, with each Certificate being a card in the deck. New Certificates are automatically added to the deck. Search and sort the Certificates as needed. Print or email the found set of Certificates, with signature. Show me

Certificate of Liability Insurance on the iPhone

Self-Serve Certificates™
Our web service at saves time. Anyone requiring a Certificate of Insurance can go to and instantly obtain a needed Certificate. A copy of every Certificate issued is automatically saved to Agency Anywhere™ where it can be reviewed. We help you setup the system in just a few minutes. Thereafter, the service is entirely automated.

Agency Anywhere™
Agency Anywhere™ is an easy to use ACORD form management system developed by Choices. No installation is required. All ACORD forms can be pre-filled with insured data, completed and saved. Forms can later be re-opened and edited as needed. Data from old ACORD forms automatically fills to new edition ACORD forms. Try our free 30 day trial . No credit card is required.

System Requirements for Agency Anywhere™
Agency Anywhere™ requires Internet Explorer for Windows, or Safari for Macintosh. On Windows 10 the default browser is Edge. However, Internet Explorer can be easily opened by typing "internet" in the search bar, at the lower left of the screen. The free Adobe Reader software is also required. Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed. If needed, the latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded at If data is missing when you first open an ACORD form, click here to learn how to configure Adobe Reader in three easy steps..

Below is a listing of frequently used ACORD forms

ACORD forms index Click here to view a list of all ACORD forms
ACORD 25 Certificate of Liability Insurance
ACORD 1 Property Loss Notice
ACORD 2 Automobile Loss Notice
ACORD 3 Liability Notice of Occurrence / Claim
ACORD 4 Workers Compensation - Employers 1st Rep
ACORD 24 Certificate of Property Insurance
ACORD 27 Evidence of Property Insurance
ACORD 28 Evidence of Commercial Property Insurance
ACORD 35 Cancellation Request/Policy Release
ACORD 36 Agent/Broker of Record Change
ACORD 37 Statement of No Loss
ACORD 75 Insurance Binder
ACORD 80 Homeowner Application
ACORD 82 Watercraft Application
ACORD 83 Personal Umbrella Application
ACORD 84 Dwelling Fire Application
ACORD 101 Additional Remarks Schedule
ACORD 125 Commercial Insurance Application Applicant Information Section
ACORD 126 Commercial General Liability Section
ACORD 127 Business Auto Section
ACORD 128 Garage and Dealers Section
ACORD 129 Vehicle Schedule
ACORD 130 Workers Compensation Application
ACORD 131 Umbrella / Excess Section
ACORD 132 Truckers / Motor Carriers Section
ACORD 139 Statement / Schedule of Values
ACORD 140 Property Section
ACORD 141 Crime Section
ACORD 143 Transportation Section
ACORD 144 Glass And Sign Supplement
ACORD 145 Accounts Receivable/Valuable Papers
ACORD 147 Installation/Builder's Risk
ACORD 148 Electronic Data Processing
ACORD 149 Dealers Section
ACORD 152 Commercial Inland Marine Section
ACORD 155 Equipment Breakdown Section
ACORD 159 Schedule of Insurance
ACORD 160 Business Owners Section
ACORD 175 Commercial Policy Change Request
ACORD 180 Technology E&O Section
ACORD 185 Restaurant / Tavern Supplement
ACORD 186 Contractors Supplement
ACORD 190 Supplemental Property Application
ACORD 193 Open Cargo Section
ACORD 194 Truckers / Motor Carrier Supplement
ACORD 210 Yacht Section

Self-Serve Certificates

Save time by allowing your insureds/clients to self-serve Certificates. Ask us about this new option.

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Add Signatures

Scanned signatures can now be added to ACORD Forms, allowing users to submit forms directly from Agency Anywhere without requiring that a producer sign the forms by hand.

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