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Phone: 800-873-4757

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Important Message Regarding AOL and Yahoo Emails:

Recently, we have become aware of problems emailing from within our online programs when using an AOL or Yahoo address. This is due to a change by both AOL and Yahoo which defends against spoofing attacks.
As a result of these changes, some emails you send to your insureds via the online program may not be delivered.

We recommend the following options to ensure that your emails are being delievered:

  • Change your email to a different provider, whether you create an email associated with a domain name such as, or switch to a free service such as Gmail or Hotmail.
  • Save a form, or combined package of forms as a PDF file and then attach it to your current email address. It's a few extra steps, but it will ensure that the mail was received.
Please note, this problem is being reported by all email service providers; it is not speciic to Choices Software.
We apologize for any inconvience this has caused, but unfortunately these policy changes by AOL and Yahoo are out of our control.

System Requirements:
Now Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 compatible, and Apple Macintosh compatible - No installation required
All Choices Software programs are now Windows 8.x compatible. Our online software is now also compatible with the Apple Macintosh and the Safari browser

Adobe Updates

Choices Software recommends that you keep Adobe Reader up to date.

About Sharing Your Work
The default setup of Agency Anywhere webclient allows you to save and retrieve your own work, based on your email address and password. However, it is also possible for members of an insurance agency to share their work with each other (similar to sharing a file cabinet).

If you would like to share your work with other members of your insurance agency, just email us at requesting that your agency share one data source. We will take care of the rest. It is important that this decision be made early, because it would be expensive to combine data at a later date.

If you need to limit employee access call 1-800-873-4757 to inquire about available options.

Saving Your Work
When filling out a form, your work is not saved until you click the "Submit" button, which is located in the upper left corner of each form. If you remain idle for a period of 30 minutes, you will be disconnected from the solution. For this reason it is important that you occasionally click the "Submit" button to save your work. Clicking the "Submit" button returns you to the saved forms list. From the list clicking the "Edit" button allows you to open and fill-in the form.

Clicking the "View" button from the saved forms list embeds previously entered data into the form and displays the form with its data. While viewing the embedded form, you can save it to your hard drive by clicking the "Save a Copy" button located above the "ACORD" logo in the upper left corner of the form. Alternatively, if your computer is setup to use a default email application like Outlook, you can click the blue globe icon that is located above the "ACORD" logo to email the form with its embedded data directly. Using this technique, you can save both form and data using the free Adobe Reader software.

When you are in the solution and not filling out a form, changes are commonly saved for you automatically as you move through the solution. However, you can force an immediate save at any time by clicking the "Save" button. Changes are automatically saved when you click the "Exit" button to leave the solution. For this reason, we highly recommend that you always click the "Exit" button to leave the solution.

Operating Requirements
The new webclient version of Agency Anywhere 3.5 can be accessed instantly.

By default, Adobe Reader will repeatedly display a message stating that your form and data cannot be saved with the free Adobe Reader. However, using Agency Anywhere you will be able to save both form and data with Adobe Reader. To remove this message, open Adobe Reader as an application by selecting Start/All Programs/Adobe Reader from the lower left corner of your screen. Then click the "Edit" pulldown menu and select "Preferences". From the list of Categories that appear on the left, click "Form". Next place a check in the fifth checkbox on the right where it says "Always hide forms document message bar". Then click the "OK" button.

All actions within the new Agency Anywhere webclient occur within one Window. If you exit that Window, you will be exiting the Agency Anywhere application. This also applies when viewing Adobe PDF forms. So it is important to remember to always use the "Back" button at the upper left corner of the screen, to return to a prior view. If you have filled in a PDF form and want to save your work, just click the "Submit" button that is located in the upper left corner of the form. That will save your work and return you to the saved forms list.

When using the new Agency Anywhere webclient , view the top of each screen for instructions.

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Self-Serve Certificates

Save time by allowing your insureds/clients to self-serve Certificates. Ask us about this new option.

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Add Signatures

Scanned signatures can now be added to ACORD Forms, allowing users to submit forms directly from Agency Anywhere without requiring that a producer sign the forms by hand.

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